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Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

In the past, I have used a number of different podcast clients to download the podcasts I listen to. I have found slight problems with each of these. For example, some did not give much control over the time when podcasts were scheduled for download. In addition, I used, I believe it was Rythmbox, and I could not figure out how to delete podcasts that I was no longer interested in downloading.

I decided to try BashPodder because I could schedule the downloads with cron and it had a configuration file that made it easy to change the podcast I wanted to receive. I downloaded BashPodder from Linc Fessenden web site. First, I created a directory named bash-podder. Then I download the three files needed to run BashPodder to that directory. Next, I created an entry in my crontab file by executing the command crontab -e, which opened up an editor to configure the cron job. Below is a sample of my crontab:

# crontab file
# m h dom mon dow command
0 * * * * /home/nathan/bash-podder/

Now, will run every hour to check for new podcasts.

The final step was to add more podcast that I like to the configuration file bp.conf. So, added all of the podcasts that I like that weren’t included in the configuration file that comes with BashPodder. Each line in bp.conf is a link to an rss file so that bashpodder will download the podcast. Although BashPodder may not have the interface of itunes, it is easy to setup and control and I would recommend it to others.

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbons Install

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

A day after Ubuntu 7.10 was released, I decided to upgrade two of my computers that were running Ubuntu. The first upgrade I did was on my laptop. I upgraded the laptop from Ubuntu 7.04 to 7.10. For this upgrade, everything went fine and within a short a period of time I had the new version of Ubuntu up and running. On the other hand, thing didn’t go so well with my desktop upgrade.

The desktop I have is an AMD64 3500. I have never done a clean install on this machine since probably installing either Ubuntu 5.10 or 6.04. All of the upgrades I performed on this machine went fine for the most part. So I decided to do another upgrade. This time things didn’t turn out as well.

After I initially rebooted after the upgraded it appeared that everthing was working fine. I really like how Compiz Fusion was integrated into Ubuntu. The default effects that were included were nice without over doing it. I personally didn’t like to use Compiz in the past because the desktop effects get annoying after a while. This is the one thing that I really like about Ubuntu 7.10.

Later, I rebooted the system and I was having problems with X. I’m not sure how X was working originally, and I made no changes to it and it all of a sudden broke. I guess on benefit of the changes made to X is it will start X at 800×640 even if X is broken. Also, my MythTv setup no longer worked after the upgrade, and I’m not sure what caused this. In addition, the thing that I couldn’t figure out is why I was unable to mount some of the hard drives . In my computer I have two SATA drives, one of which contained Ubuntu. In addition I have two PATA drives that are connected to a PCI controller card. The OS recongined these drives, but I was unable to mount them. I would get an error if I tried to mount them claiming that the had bad super blocks. I highly doubt that both of these disks quit working, so I used a live CD from another distro and I was able to mount the drives.

I really needed to access some of the data that was contained on one of the PATA cards, and I didn’t want to spend days trying to figure out what the problem was. In turn, I decided to take a step back and put Ubuntu 7.04 on the computer. I know with Ubuntu 7.04, I have none of these problems. So, after putting Ubuntu 7.04 back on the box everything is working again.

I think in a few weeks I am going to try to put Gutsy back on the computer when I have some time to address these problems. Overall, Gutsy looks like a nice upgrade, and hopefully most people have better luck with it than me.