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Plymouth Father’s Day Run

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

On Sunday, June 6, 2008 I ran the 5K Plymouth Father’s Day run with my family.  This was the second run that I have entered.  The first race that I ran was a few weeks back.  I was hoping to get around 27:00, since I finished with a 27:48 in the Dexter Ann Arbor Run.  These are the results for the Plymouth Father’s Day Run.

This is my placing for my age bracket for the Plymouth Father’s Day Run:

                         MALE AGE GROUP:  30 - 34

Place No.   O'A Name                       City              Ag 5k      Pace
===== ===== === ========================== ================= == ======= =====
 11  1272 207 Nathan Balon               Washington        34   26:03  8:23

I ended up with a 26:03, which is better than I expected.  I improved on my previous best time by 1:45.  I feel I should realistically be able to get my time down to 25:00 in the next month or so, which is my goal for the Summer.  I would also like to try some longer runs.  I typically run approximately 6 miles.  I would like to increase my distance by doing some longer runs (8 to 10 miles), before I enter any 10Ks.  The next run I plan on entering is either Gallup Gallop or the Tortoise and Hare, which are both in Ann Arbor.