End of Binrev

All good things come to an end at sometime or another. This happens to be the case with BinRev Radio. On this week’s episode, show number 200, StankDawg announced that the show has officially come to an end. I am very sad to hear that the show is ending. I found this show towards the end of 2003 beginning of 2004, and it became one of my favorite podcasts. For a number of years, I looked forward each weeks new episode. Once I started listening to Binrev, I never missed an episode.

I really appreciate the work that StankdDawg and his guests put into the show. Each week he had an interesting topic and was always passionate about teaching. I never contributed to BinRev, as StankDawg always pushed for people to become more involved, but I appreciate all of the hard work that was put into the show. Before listening to BinRev, I had the same misconceptions that most people have about the hacker community. This show ended up teaching me a lot and introducing me to some subjects that I knew little about. The show had a great four year run, and if someone has never heard it before I would recommend listening to the archieves of the show.

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