Penguicon 6.0

Today, I registered for Penguicon 6.0, which is an annual science fiction and open source software convention held in Troy, Michigan. Last year was the first time that I had attend Penguicon, and I was very impressed by the conference. Penguicon may not be the most technical conference, but it is a good time and the guest speakers are outstanding. I didn’t attend any of the scifi talks, but all of the presentations I went to on open source were good last.

This year some of the big names that will be there are: Jono Bacon, Eric Raymond, Chris DiBonna, Benjamin Mako Hill, and Dr. Peter Salus. This is a unique and extremely good time. I would recommend this conference to anyone in the Mid-west area. Besides Penguicon, this year I would also like to attend HOPE and the Ohio Linux Fest.

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  1. Jer_ Says:

    I’m glad you had a good time last time, and I look forward to seeing you there this year! :)

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