Dexter - Ann Arbor Run

On Sunday, June 1, I ran my first race, the the Dexter - Ann Arbor Run.   About a year ago I started running, and I occasionally run.  I never ran in the past, because I’m an ex-smoker.  While I smoked, I would have never considered running. However, since I have quit smoking, I have tried to live more healthy lifestyle.

At first, I wasn’t going to sign up for the running because recently I haven’t been running that often. But my Dad and his girlfriend, my soon to be step-mom, were going to run the race. I figured if they are going to do it then I should run it too.  I was initially going to sign up for the 10K, but since I had never run in a race before I decided to run an easier run first. I ended up registering for the 5K run. Overall, I was pleased with my time. My time for the 5k was 27:48.  My current goal is to get my time down to 25:00 by the end of the summer. I feel that this is a reasonable goal. I would also like to try to run the 10 mile Crim in August.

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