The Revolution: a Manifesto

I was a supporter of Ron Paul’s bid for the Presidency.  As a result, I ended up purchasing Ron Paul’s new book The Revolution: a Manifesto. Overall, I felt that this is a decent book. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t introduce many new ideas. I found this book very similar to Harry Browne’s Why Government Doesn’t Work. Both of these are good introduction into the Libertarian philosophy.

I believe that The Revolution: a Manifesto is geared to a general audience. For instance, it is a good book to give to others who aren’t familiar with Libertarian ideas. Overall, I found nothing wrong with this book. On the other hand, I didn’t learn anything new from it that I didn’t already know. I the one nice thing I found about the book are the references. I noticed that I have read a lot of the books that Ron Paul recommends. Overall, I think that one can learn more from the works of Murray Rothbard, Luwig Von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, or Frédéric Bastiat.

The one thing I found refreshing is that one Ron Paul is probably the only politician that regularly visits and The Mises Institute. These are sites that I also regularly visit.

The Revolution

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