Ohio Linux Fest

At the end of September, I attended the Ohio Linux Fest (OLF). This was the first time that I had attended the event, and I am sure it won’t be the last. Overall, I was very very impressed with OLF. The only complaint I had is that I wish it was longer. The Ohio Linux Fest is a one day event, and it would be nice if they made it into a three day event. I think there would be enough good talks to fill three days.

The experience I had there was great. I was able to meet a lot of influential people in the open source community .

Arrived at the Ohio Linux Fest on Friday night. I arrived early because I wanted to attend the pre-conference party held at Barley’s. A few hundred people ended up showing at the pre-party. I also was able to meet many of the people that put on Linux podcast, such as the guys from the Linux Link Tech Show. Below is one of the pictures that I took at Barley’s of the people that host Linux podcasts. There were also a number of people there from the various user groups that I attend in the Detroit area, such as MUG and MDLUG.

The next day I arrived at the event around 8 A.M. I was really surprised with the amount of stuff that the vendors there gave away. I was able to get approximately 6 different t-shirts, and a number of different Linux distros. I also was able to get a copy of a DVD containing all of the Linux Link Tech Show (TLLTS) episodes. In addition, I signed up for a membership to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). I think that it is important to support the community. I able to use all of the great programs from the FSF, and I should support them financially.

Over the day, I attend a number of great talks. I would have to say my favorite talks were given by John “Maddog” Hall and Bradley Kuhn. I went to Maddog’s presentation early, so I was able to get a seat up front. Before his presentation started, I took a pictures of him. Maddog noticed this, at first I thought he didn’t like it, but this wasn’t the case. Maddog told me if you are going to take a picture of me, you might as well get in it. So before Maddog’s presentation, he posed in a picture with me. I appreciated how he was till to take a picture with a fan.

After the presentation were over, I attended the after party that was sponsored by Google. At the party Notacon provided the entertainment with Dual Core performing there. Notacon is another conference that I want to attend. I uploaded all of the pictures I took at OLF to this gallery. One thing I am hoping is the some of the recordings at the after party from NOOSS make there way on to the Web. I know they were streaming all of their interviews to the Web, but I am not sure if they have made mp3s of them.

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