Web Site Redesign

I have spent the last couple of days redesigning my web site. I think it is starting to look a little bit better. I spent the last few days reading up on CSS. I have used CSS a bit, but I don’t use it very often. So, I end up forgetting some of the details about CSS. Today, I devoted some time to start editing the style sheet for the site.

The one thing that could be improved on it is adding more graphics to the site, but I have little knowledge of how to create fancy graphics. I would someday like to learn how to use Gimp better to create graphics.

So far it basically looks the way I want it to, the only problem I am having is getting the site to display right in older versions of Internet Explorer. CSS can be a pain. Each browser interprets the standard a little different, or fails the parse CSS correctly. The problem I am having is getting the layout to display correctly. In Firefox, Konqueror, Opera, and IE7, the site lays out how I want it too. The problem is when I view it with an older version of IE the main content area of the page is pushed down. I am going to have to spend some time reading how to fix this problem.


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