Thursday, January 13, 2005

Started school back up

Well it was nice to have school off for a weeks over Christmas. I didn't really want school to start. I like to learn things on my own and during the semesters I don't always have that much time to do that. This will be my last full-time semester than I have to work on a project for my Masters degree. I'm not really sure what I am going to do the project on yet. Hopefully by Summer I will have some idea. I was thinking about doing a project on something involving distributed computing.

This semester I signed up for computer interfacing, computer algorithms and advanced networks. The classes seem like they will be good. I never had a formal class in algorithms, so I was looking forward to taking this one. Also, the computer interfacing class seems like it will be good. Hopefully we do some interesting projects in the class. I'm not all that good at programming in assembly language, so this should give me a chance to improve on that. I will probably never use asm after college but at least the class should give me an opportunity to learn more intricately the details of computers. I'm not sure really why U of M uses the 68000 to teach on. It seems like they should use something that students will be more likely to use in the real world. Maybe it is easier to learn on the 68000 assemebly language, compared to the assembly language for Intel based computers.


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