Saturday, July 22, 2006

VANET 2006 Conference

Over the last few months, I have been working on a Master's project on broadcast reliability for vehicular ad hoc networks. In early June, I submitted my initial work to the VANET 2006 Conference, sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE. I was happy to hear that my paper was accepted to the conference as a poster paper. This was the first time that I attempted to submit a paper to a conference so I was pleased to learn that paper was accepted.

Although only a poster was accepted of the paper, I understand why the paper was not accepted as a full paper. My research in the area of increasing the reliability of broadcast messages for vehicular ad hoc networks was some what incomplete, but I didn't want to wait until next years conference to submit the paper.

I think that this will be a good experience for me. My project advisor Dr. Guo and I get to present the paper to the conference attendees. I am excited to learn how the conference process works, so I will be better prepared to submit papers to future conferences.


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