Universty of Michigan - Dearborn School Projects

Computer Organization and Assembly Language, CIS 310

The course consists of an introduction to an assembly language and assembler for MC68000, interrupts and exceptions, computer organization, digital logic circuits, and computer interfacing.

Programming Assignments

Program 0 is a C program that converts a decimal number into Hex, BCD and Binary
Program 0: cis310_prog0.cpp
Output of number conversion

The programming projects for CIS 310 that were developed using the 68000 assembly language.
Program 1: cis310_prog1.txt finds the largest value in an array.
Program 2: cis310_prog2.txt totals the amount of money contained in a piggy bank.
Program 3: cis310_prog3.txt piggy bank program that displays the results
Program 4: cis310_prog4.txt mouse in a maze.

Program 5 is written in C++, it uses two large hex numbers up to 40 digits long and performs: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and power on the operands
Program 5: cis310_prog5.zip